Employment Application

General Information:
Employment Desired:
Personal Information:

List any relevant skills
List any relevant certifications or qualifications
Current Employment:
Previous Employment:
Name of Reference
Name of Reference
Sign Application:

I herby declare the information provided by me in the application is true and complete. I understand that falsification of this information is grounds for refusal to hire, if hired, termination.

I authorize any of the persons or organizations referenced in this application to give you any and all information concerning my previous employment, education, or any other information they might have, personal or otherwise, with regard to any of the subjects covered by this application, and I release all such parties from all liability for any damage which may result from furnishing such information to you.

I authorize you to request, received, and verify all information given in this application.

I further acknowledge that if I am employed by the employer, my employment will be at will, and may be terminated with or without cause at any time by me or by the employer.

I agree to comply with the company's personnel policies made known to me at the time of employment or at any subsequent time.

Statement: "It is unlawful in Massachusetts to require or administer a lie detector test as a condition of employment or continued employment. An employer who violate this law shall be subject to criminal penalties and civil liability."

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